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book (design) story #293

georg biermann:
paula modersohn

klinkhardt & biermann, berlin, 1930
printer: j. b. hirschfeld (arno pries), leipzig
size: 20 x 14 cm
designer: georg salter (cover)

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georg salter (1897-1967) introduced a unified cover design concept for the "junge kunst" (young art) book series published by klinkhardt & biermann in berlin.

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salter created a remarkable "jk" (="junge kunst") logotype in an ultra-bold sans-serif which serves as a label for the title which appears in negative printing. note how the word "band 2" (volume 2) is slanted like the "k" underneath. the logotype was printed in varying colour combinations for different volumes of the series – blue/red for this book on early expressionist painter paula modersohn-becker (1876-1907).

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