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book (design) story #66

sidney h. brown:
für das rote kreuz in aethiopien

büchergilde gutenberg, zürich (copyright by europa verlag a.g., zürich), 1939
printer: genossenschaftsdruckerei zürich
size: 22 x 14 cm
designer: richard paul lohse

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red cross delegate sidney h. brown (1898-1970) wrote this diary style report after visiting war-struck ethiopia (abyssinia). mussolini had invaded the african country in october 1935, using chemical weapons.

aeroplanes were a strong symbol in the 1930s: man's dream to fly combined with (social) progress (see stories 64, 65), but also a terrible weapon in war. this dustjacket photomontage visualizes the helping role of the red cross in ethiopia: the organisation's logo, an inverted swiss cross, hovers like a plane – or is it a protecting shield? – over a flat landscape.

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the hovering red cross and the title also appear on the grey cloth cover. jacket and cover were designed by richard paul lohse (1902-1988).

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