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book (design) story #72

berta selinger:
herz in flammen

verlag der bücherkreis gmbh, berlin, 1932
printer: vorwärts buchdruckerei, berlin
size: 19 x 13 cm
designer: jan tschichold

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"herz in flammen" (heart in flames) by berta selinger (1880–??) is a socialist novel primarily aimed at a female audience, as it says on the jacket.

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as often, jan tschichold (1902-1974) used georg trump's city slab-serif for titles, and asymmetric page numbers. the black cloth cover sports a flaming red title.

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the dustjacket of this bücherkreis edition seems to be rarely preserved. it's not even shown on – norbert loederbusch's excellent website, a highly recommended source. there is a contrasting mix of typefaces – a style tschichold started to propagate in the early 1930s: the script (bernhard schönschrift) for the author's name (again with semicolon) is graceful, while extra-bold initials make the slab-serif title look even more blocky.

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