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book (design) story #93

lydia benz-burger:
1993-1968 / 75 jahre frauenstimmrechtsverein zürich

verlag frauenstimmrechtsverein, zürich / festschrift "die staatsbürgerin" 10/11, 1968
printer: buchdruckerei ag, höngg
size: 21 x 15 cm
designer: (unknown)

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switzerland is proud of its old democratic system, although the country was comparatively late to establish the women's right to vote: it was introduced on a national basis in 1971. this brochure was published three years before that success, to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the zürich society for women's vote. it was edited by lydia benz-burger (*1917).

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the typographical cover by an unknown designer is striking: the title is a cascade of words which seem to retreat backwards to the left, maybe symbolising the organisation's long years of fighting without success. but at the bottom there seems to be hope – the words start to move forwards again, claiming: the right to vote is a human right. another nice detail: "1893" is printed in purple – a colour associated with feminism –, sitting on top of a (complementary coloured) yellow square. the typeface is very swiss, too: helvetica – nomen est omen.

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