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book (design) story #10

b. traven:
die rebellion der gehenkten

büchergilde gutenberg, zürich / prag, 1936
size: 24 x 17 cm
designer: emil zbinden

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in 1936 the swiss büchergilde published two sequels of b. traven's "caoba" series: "die rebellion der gehenkten" (the rebellion of the hanged) has the same cover design and typography as "die troza" (see here), and both were printed by the same company.

apart from their rear panels with identical ads for traven's book "land des frühlings", the dust jackets couldn't be more different in style. looking at this one with its angular script and flashy colours you would never guess it was by the same artist who designed the photographic "troza" jacket. emil zbinden (1908-1991) is credited in the impressum, and his name appears on the jacket's lower right corner.

its price-tag on the overhyped u.s. traven market? don't ask.

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