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book (design) story #111

franz josef furtwängler:
indien – das brahmanenland im frühlicht

büchergilde gutenberg, berlin, 1931
printer: buchdruckwerkstätte gmbh. berlin
size: 24 x 14 cm
designer: georg trump

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franz josef furtwängler (1894-1966), a mechanic and union activist, wrote this book after a travel to india.

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georg trump (1896-1985) designed several books for the büchergilde (see story 46). the cover of this one features a geometric line drawing of a landscape with mountains and sun (probably influencing our next book). a yellow and brown/red colour scheme seems to have been popular for books about asia – see jan tschichold's books in stories 11 and 71.

trump used his slab-serif typeface "city" for titles and page numbers. on the photo below: police attacking supporters of mahatma ghandi.

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