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book (design) story #31

jan tschichold:
asymmetric typography

faber and faber limited, london / cooper & beatty, toronto, 1967
printer: t. h. best printing company limited
size: 24 x 15 cm
designer: jan tschichold

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this english translation of jan tschichold's (1902-1974) influential book "typographische gestaltung" (see story 30) was published 32 years after the german first edition – at a time when tschichold had long developed a neo-traditional style.

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tschchold proves that he can still do a nice asymmetric book design. the dustjacket with a fat red line and lower-case title are reminiscent of tschichold's "elemental typography" times. the shrunk "i" in "asymmetr(i)c" looks like a twinkle in the eye...

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