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book (design) story #524

vladimir sensinow:
die tragödie der verwahrlosten kinder russlands

orell füssli verlag, zürich/leipzig, around 1930
size: ?? x ?? cm
designer: (unknown)

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this book documents the tragedy of russia's homeless children, the so-called "bezprisornye" who roamed the streets in millions. it is the german translation of a book by russian wiriter vladimir mikhailovich zenzinov (1880-1953). zensinow was a member of the socialist-revolutionary party and imprisoned for several years under the tsar. in the russian civil war he was part of the anti-bolshevik "directorate" governement in ufa. after the bolsheviks gained power he lived in paris and later in new york.

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published by orell füssli in 1930, this paperback edition sports a photographic jacket and frontis, with more photos and drawings inside. the book is rather critical of the soviet system and family politics. no designer is credited.

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