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Close-up: Notable items discussed in detail

In-depth descriptions and discussions of Epiphone instrument aspects and details.


Cutaway archtops – how many made?

Reconstructing the 1931 Masterbilt model lineup


Labels and serial numbers, part 1 – standard chronology

Labels and serial numbers, part 2 – anachronisms and oddities

Tuners, part 1 / introduced 1931–1939

Tuners, part 2 / introduced 1940–1952

Pickups, part 1 / 1935–1942

Pickups, part 2 / 1946–1956

Archtop bridge evolution 1931–1956

Trapeze tailpiece evolution 1931–1956

Pickguard evolution in early Masterbilts 1931–1935

"E"-logo cases and their manufacturers 1939–1956

Featured instruments:

The flat-top Olympic (SN 5454)
The early Ritz
(SN 17093)
The 1949 Byron (SN 59479)
The Benny Jackson DeLuxe (SN 5794)
The Torres Seville (SN 14356)
The post-war Duo Console (SN 100007)
The short-lived Royal (SN 5721)
The odd SN Kent Spanish (SN 4036)
The $295 Zephyr Deluxe Regent (SN 65157)
The speculative Asta Amplifier (SN 2308)
The birth gift Emperor Concert (SN 58809)
The prototype Adelphi (SN 5164)
The shipping disaster Triumph (SN 55788)
The obscure Howard (SN 7388)
The Klunker #3 Zephyr Spanish (SN 7133)
The tiny Empire Tenor (SN 5137)
The Jimi FT 79 (SN 62262)
The special Number 4 (SN 407)
The last f-hole mandolin (SN 58807)
The F T Number One (SN 9155)
The Kent Volpe (SN 68710)
The family Olympic (SN 6851)
The modded Broadway (SN 6099)
The last pre-war Emperor (SN 18233)
The Aug–39 Century Amplifier (SN 1932)
The golden Model M Hawaiian (SN 2089)
The two-label Olympic Plectrum (SN 16243)
The black Blackstone (SN 5797)
The first-batch F.T. Cutaway (SN 67758)
The lefty Electric Cutaway Tenor (SN 85158)
The 90th birthday Zephyr Deluxe (SN 5542)
The mystery Triumph (SN 7039)
The Hardrock Emperor Regent (SN 59990)
The special Spartan (SN 8986)
The all-original Tudor (SN 7453)
The November 1940 Blackstone (SN16853)
The Hula Girl Olympic (SN 50913)
The Vibrola Zenith (SN 7543)

If you have any questions about vintage Epiphone instruments I am happy to discuss and share what I know. Don't hesitate to contact me.

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