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Own an old Epiphone? You are invited to submit info

Musicians, collectors, guitar dealers, luthiers and historians who own and appreciate Epiphone instruments are invited to contribute info to the NY Epi Reg research project.

Every new info about an instrument that you submit to the Registry database will add to the quality and accuracy of this research – and improve the knowledge shared with you on this website.

1. How to submit info to NY Epi Reg

To submit instrument info please drop me a message. I will get back to you via e-mail asap. Privacy notice: The name or e-mail address of info contributors are treated as confidential and will not be published or disclosed to any third party. Contributors will be credited as an instrument owner or photographer upon request.

2. What type of Epiphone instruments are included

At this stage, the NY Epiphone Registry focuses on acoustic and electric guitars (including Hawaiian), mandolin family instruments, and amplifiers from the late 1920s to the mid 1950s – bearing an Epiphone or Electar brand name.

Also included are Epiphone-made guitars sold under other brand names such as Howard, Sorrentino and Zenith – models that appear to bear standard Epiphone serial numbers.

Not covered at this point are Epiphone banjos and basses which both  appear to have their own serial number systems. (Note: recommended research resources on Epiphone banjos and Epiphone upright basses.)

Generally not included in this project are any Epiphone instruments built after the 1957 take-over by CMI/Gibson – instruments made in Kalamazoo MI, typically stated on their internal label.

3. What information we are looking for

Minimum information required for an instrument to be registered:

Optional (but utterly welcome!):

4. Serial number and model name – where to find it

These tips should help to find the required info in most cases. If in doubt don't hesitate to contact me.